Don’t Let Fear Cripple Your Negotiation Success

Negotiation requires communication. One person has what the other one wants and the two are trying to find mutually agreeable terms to make this transfer happen.

This process can be challenging enough, particularly when negotiating the sale of a new home, the single biggest investment most people make in their lifetime. But when one person leverages their own perceived advantages, the other needs to rely on strong focus and sharp negotiation skills. Don’t let fear or intimidation sneak in and cripple your negotiation success.

Fear of titles

Assuming you’re not negotiating with royalty that requires certain protocol, you don’t need to let a person’s title influence the way you behave. If someone introduces himself as “Doctor” or “Professor” or “Reverend”, you need to ignore any feeling on inadequacy. Simply respond with, “I’m Andrew Superseller. Please call me Andy. And may I call you (first name)?”

Fear of rejection

Wipe this one right off your radar. Rejection happens. No salesperson succeeds with every sale he attempts. You need to remember that when a customer rejects an offering, she is not rejecting you. It’s not a personal assessment of your value. A negative response is not an end to negotiation but merely an obstacle. Choose to tackle the challenge, or don’t. But don’t fear it.

Fear of confrontation

Disagreement is a reality in negotiating a sale. If you don’t have disagreement from time to time, you’re probably giving in too much. If you build your negotiation skills and learn how to keep emotion out of the process, you will maintain control and minimize conflict. And when conflict does arise, your experience will have taught you how to resolve it.

The new home salesperson is helping someone realize the dream of homeownership. That’s an exciting outcome. Recognize your role in this process and park your fear outside the negotiation room.

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