Leak #21: Keeping the Non-Performer – Leaking Profits: Article 24

When I work with sales managers, the first lesson I teach them is about the value of behavioral economics. You must be able to remove your emotions when managing people. You’re not just managing systems and processes—like sales and marketing—but also the people who perform those tasks.

But we are human, and it’s hard to be objective in some cases. Someone who is “good people” may not be suited for sales.

When you evaluate an individual’s job performance, you should assess their work behavior as it relates to their specific position and goals. You’re not there to be their friend or surrogate mom, measuring their personal qualities. Separate all that and evaluate the working professional, the person who is paid to do a job.

If you’ve already plugged the leaks such as providing proper sales training (Leak #6), employing proper recruiting techniques (Leak #4), and making sure your models are adequately staffed (Leak #5). If you’ve chosen the right sales approach (Leak #16), identified and trained a sales process (Leak #15) and you are using your sales meetings to their fullest (Leak #14), then you’ve given the proper tools and training to your sales people in order to become a success.

The next step: Evaluating their performance. It’s not personal. It’s business. Don’t personalize your personnel management tasks.

Behavioral economics – Remove your emotions.

It’s not your role to judge an individual as a human being.

Focus on work behaviors and company goals.

Bottom Line: It’s not personal. It’s business. Don’t personalize the management task. Stick to work-related performance and achievements.

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