Has Your Builder Website Gone Responsive?

I was sitting with a builder not long ago and a sales professional was talking with a couple. I overheard this couple mention that they had difficulty seeing the website on their smartphones.

The sales associate pulled up the company’s website on her laptop and turned it to show the homebuyers. She clicked through the site to shows the couple the various options in home designs and floor plans.

What happened when this couple left and wanted to look at the site again, on their mobile devices? Most likely, they didn’t attempt to look at your site unless they were in front of a computer. And that limits the ease of connecting with you.

Approximately 35% of your site’s views coming from a mobile device. Whether they’re checking you out on the smartphones permanently attached to their hands, or browsing on the tablets or laptops, today’s consumers rely on mobile technology for everything—including choosing a homebuilder. Since 2010, the number of Web searches done on a mobile device has increased 400%. And it’s going to keep going up.

According to BDX, 67% of people surveyed said a mobile-friendly website has a positive influence on their decision to purchase.

Have you designed your website to be Responsive? Responsive is a method of developing a site that is completely flexible regardless of device. Rather than detecting a specific browser type or device type, the website automatically orientates itself based on the screen size of the device. If you haven’t yet made this change to your site, stop now and take a look at it on your smartphone.

Can you read that tiny type? How fast did the images download? If you were your customer, would you be patient enough to work through these issues? Or would you find someone who better understood your mobile needs?

Make sure every page of your website has a call to action. Suggest your site visitor contact your online sales counselor, download a floor plan, request a brochure, or schedule an appointment. Make it easy for them to ask a question and find what they need, whether they’re looking at your site on a full screen or a miniature one.

With so much on the line, the question isn’t why should a homebuilder create a Responsive website, but why the heck haven’t you done it yet?

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