Planning Isn’t Everything… It’s the ONLY thing!

The purpose of the launch is to generate pre-sales, a process normally carried out before a home, and in some cases a neighborhood, is actually built. It requires lots of planning.

When will you be ready to launch? Follow this calendar for your time-sensitive tasks building up to the launch.

52 Weeks Prior To LAUNCH

  • Groom Your Property
  • Develop A Budget
  • Meet With Non-Building Related Partners
  • Hire A Photographer And Videographer

From 52 weeks to 12 weeks prior to the launch, you are planning, working, fine-tuning your strategy, and prepping to sell. Never allow a lapse in your process.

12 Weeks Prior To LAUNCH

  • Look At Physical Obstacles
  • Finalize The Plans, Plats, And Appropriate Governmental Approvals

4 Weeks Prior To LAUNCH

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 2.12.23 PM

  • Install Signage
  • Furnish, Photograph, And Videotape The Models
  • Add The Finishing Exterior Touches

Bottom Line: The visual component is critical to drawing attention to your community, so follow a planned schedule to ensure your presentation stays on track.

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