Positive outcomes come from a positive mindset

Myers Barnes think positiveWhere’s your head at these days? Are you worrying about where this current condition of uncertainty is going to take you? Are you afraid to take action because we’re in uncharted waters right now? Tony Robbins said, where your thoughts go, your energy flows. Positive outcomes come from a positive mindset.

Conversely, the opposite is true. I’m hearing from new home sales professionals that people aren’t buying. There’s no traffic coming into the model homes because they’re closed or limited to private appointments. And, they tell me, no one is thinking about buying a home right now.

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

If your mindset has you convinced that new home sales aren’t in the cards for you, then you’ve created a foregone conclusion—just by letting your mind embrace this negative thinking. Sales won’t happen, at least not for you, because you’ve set up a barrier to success.

Sure, you’re surrounded by negative messaging. It’s on the news and all across your social media. You can’t go anywhere without feeling, seeing, or hearing the gloom of the health crisis. 

And yet…people are buying new homes. It’s proven. And they’re doing it without leaving their homes, much in the same way they’ve adapted to shopping for groceries and having appointments with their doctors totally online. Consumers have adapted to the shift. It’s time for builders and new home sales professionals to shake off the negative mindset and seize the opportunities that are readily available.

Who’s buying right now?

The buyers in the market right now are smart individuals who want a better life, which starts with a better home. They’re not complaining about sheltering at home and all the restrictions. They’re taking action to improve their situation. And they’re buying at one of the best times in recent history. Rates are so low, it’s practically like borrowing free money. And when the doors open up, the limited inventory we’ve been able to garner will disappear, creating bidding wars. So, if you buy now, you’re reaping massive rewards, like selection and low interest rates. 

These buyers know they’re playing it smart. As they pursue this dream, they find the new home salespeople who are equally positive and ready to deliver a solution. 

Through the use of virtual tours, Zoom meetings, interactive floor plans, videos, and FaceTime tours, these buyers are connecting with sales pros who are actively working to help their buyers through any obstacle to buying a home. From selection to closing, buyers can travel the entire path to homeownership without stepping foot in your model. But if you think it can’t happen, they’ll find another builder who is positive that it can.

Stop listening to the negative conversations, including those you are having with yourself. Shut them down, or you will talk yourself out of success.

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