Reimagine your life, one step at a time.

Myers Barnes new home sales reimagineDo you ever find yourself looking at where you are and comparing your situation to where you once thought you’d be at this point in your life? That’s a good thing. It means you’re still striving. Just don’t let your mind wander to regret—that’s a waste of energy. You can’t change your past. You can only control where you go from here. It’s never too late to reimagine your life. How about starting right now?

Step back and take in a “big picture” panoramic view of your life. How’s it looking?

Oh, wait. I wanted to first mention you should take off your dark glasses—not sunglasses, but the ones that block your positive view. You can’t reimagine your life if you can’t see it clearly, without bias or negativity.

One of my favorite Tony Robbins quotes points out that your attention goes where your energy flows. If you’re letting your energy hover over negative things, that’s where your mind and body will follow. And that direction attracts negative energy your way. Redirect to the positive side.

I don’t just believe this. I’m living proof. I’m a cancer survivor. I’ve also had to rise up from many life challenges that could have pummeled me into the ground. But I made the very directed effort to not let them hold me back. And I navigated my life in the right direction.

Reimagine your passion.

As a child, you had wishes—a goal that hadn’t yet dug in roots. Maybe you wanted to be a rock star, a teacher, a soldier, or an astronaut. 

Think back to those early visions. What was it about that particular dream that appealed to the inexperienced version of yourself? Did you like the idea of helping people or was it the unbridled adulation of being on stage in front of adoring fans? Either is fine. Just acknowledge here and now what fueled your passion then, because it might still be lingering in your heart and soul. 

What lights up your excitement? Is it being with people or being without them, finding joy in a peaceful environment? Are you fired up over creative ideas? Does problem-solving grab your attention and hold on till you’ve found the answer?

Your passions live within you. Become aware and let them launch your reimagination transformation.

Reimagine your goals.

Now that you know what excites you, where do you want to go with it? What goals have you not yet set or met? If you have a bucket list somewhere, dust it off and refresh it. Enhance your wish list with a variety of short-term and long-term ideas.

Next, add a timeline to each item on your bucket list. That creates accountability and converts a wish into a goal. When you have a due date, you’re more committed to follow-through. Without that deadline, you have just a vague notion that is unlikely to be fulfilled.

Some short-term goals could be:

  • Try something completely new once a week—like food, a place, experience, or action. Close your eyes and just pick something from a box of chocolates without analyzing it. Don’t overthink. Just do it.
  • Be nice to a stranger before the end of the week. It’s as simple as saying, “Hello” and “Have a safe day”. 
  • Let your inner child come out. Allow yourself to be giddy. Splash in a puddle or walk in the rain without an umbrella. Color in a coloring book without following adult logic, like the sky must be blue and the grass is green.
  • Read something that inspires you. It could be a magazine article, a blog, a book, a chapter, or a human interest story about hope. Here are some wonderful books that are filled with sparks of inspired thinking: Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…and Maybe the World, by Admiral William H. McRaven; The Noticer, by Andy Andrews; The Last Lecture, by Randy Pausch; The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom, and Better Human: It’s a Full-time Job, by Ronda Conger.

Reimagine your relationships.

I’ve had to rebuild relationships that had withered away, some from neglect, others from bad choices. I looked at those that mattered and envisioned what I wanted from these relationships. Then, I thought about what I had to give or do to get there. I’ll admit that, in some cases, it was an apology. Most of the others required only the simple act of reaching out and saying, “Hey, I was just thinking of you. I want you to know you matter to me.”

When you surround yourself with people who matter and focus your energy in the right direction, your life will be fuller. Reimagine that!


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