Dear Santa, I’ve been good this year.

Myers Barnes new home sales Christmas listDear Santa,

I’ve been good this year…well, if you don’t count a few missteps here and there. But it’s 2020 and I figure you’re cutting us all some slack.

My Christmas wish list is a little different this year. I’m blessed to have very few wants and needs, but since it IS that time of year, I’ve put some thought into what I really want for Christmas.

My first wish is to provide all of us relief from the pandemic. Has COVID made its way to The North Pole? Maybe that frigid environment is too much for the virus. But down here, it’s still a problem. Any help you can give us would be appreciated.

While we’re waiting for the end of this virus, I’ve fulfilled my own wish: a mobile office. It’s almost complete, with all the technology and furnishings so I can hit the road without getting on a plane or other public transportation. If you can see your way to putting a little something under the tree and add a little something like a massage chair for the driver’s seat, I’d be pretty excited.

Next, you know I love my watches. You’ve brought me some beauties in the past. I’ve been eyeing a particular Rolex, but don’t want to appear greedy. Still…thought I’d mention it.

And speaking of watches, I’d like to find a way to have more time. I realize not all gifts can be nicely wrapped and under the tree. While you’re busily making some wishes come true this year, maybe you can make this one happen.

Remember when I battled lung cancer 11 years ago? I realized back then that time is far more valuable than any monetary thing. If I have time, I can make money. With no time, it’s game over. I’ve been given years I didn’t expect when I was first diagnosed. And to be clear, I only want time so I can spend it with my three biggest blessings: my amazing wife, Lorena, my inspiring son, Hunter, and the granddaughter I cherish.

Santa, this next wish is more for my homebuilder friends and clients. I’m asking on their behalf, because they might not realize it’s an important gift. Can you give them confidence to go beyond “the way we’ve always done it” and explore the many possibilities to improve their businesses? I don’t know how you package this but I’d like for them to realize they can have and do whatever they want. The negative mindset is keeping them stuck. Could you somehow ignite the spark for believing in achieving?

And then there’s my struggle with technology. I imagine you’ve got your operation decked out with every digital tool imaginable (and maybe a few you haven’t yet shared). I’m a digital immigrant, not a digital native. Like many others who remember The Beatles performing live, I’ve had to adapt to this new world order. Maybe you can slip me some tips that have helped you adopt and adapt to technology.

Thank you, Santa, for being such a positive role model for the joy of giving. 

God bless us, everyone!

Myers Barnes

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