Your life. Your choices. 8 ways to live with intent and purpose.

Myers Barnes new home sales live intentionallyYour life is a result of your choices. Every day, you have the opportunity to make a change, good or bad. When you choose to live purposefully, you pave the way for personal and professional success. Here are 8 ways to live with intent and purpose.

#1. Choose a positive attitude.

It all starts here. Positive energy attracts positive results—opportunities, actions, and choices. Negative energy does the opposite. If you’re one of those nay-saying Eeyores who clings to the glass-half-empty perspective, remind yourself that this, too, is a choice. Instead of assuming the worst, shoot for the best. Shift to a positive attitude. Have you lowered your expectations to avoid disappointment? That’s a surefire way to never get beyond where you are right now. Starting today, push yourself to look on the bright side of everything you see and do.

#2. Unplug the distractions.

If the closest relationship you have is with your phone, it’s time to move on. Can you drive more than a few miles without glancing at your phone? Are you checking messages and emails while you’re in a social situation? Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but it has caused a major distraction. 

Try this: Plan one non-work day to disconnect from technology. Turn off your phone. Leave your tablet or laptop at home. Do not turn on the TV or ask Alexa for help. Get out and enjoy the world. Then, make it a habit.

#3. Look at your life environment.

You are the product of your environment, so what does that look like? Are you spending time with motivated achievers and people who share your values? Look at where you live and work. Does your energy thrive there? 

What do all of these things contribute to your life? Use this step to cut ties with the heavy weights that hold you back and move toward the buoyant people, experiences, and opportunities in your life.

#4. Define what matters.

Have you taken the time to identify your core values? You can’t live intentionally if you haven’t established the rules. Your core values are beliefs that represent your standards and boundaries, like honesty, integrity, accountability, faith, kindness, respect, loyalty, tolerance, and dedication. 

Use your core values like a moral compass. When you have a choice to make, weigh its outcome against your solid beliefs.

#5. Decide your purpose.

Now that you’ve basically looked at where you are right now, start looking ahead. What purpose do you want to fulfill in your life? Think about the big picture. Do you have thoughts of serving others? Would you like to make a difference in the world around you? Maybe it’s not that altruistic, and that’s ok. 

Finding the purpose can feel like a difficult task. Start by asking yourself, “What energizes me?” What experiences can you recall as giving you the most joy? When have you been the happiest in your life? What was it about that time that boosted your spirit?

Focus on these answers to zero in on your purpose.

#6. Dream.

Dreaming is an experience that allows our minds and spirits to break free of restraints. It gives us the ability to go beyond “what is” and imagine “what could be”. You’ve probably gone through the exercise of “If I won the lottery, I would…” Your dreams aren’t necessarily attached to financial status. Dream of a life filled with joy, not things. What are the details in that image?

Every single day, take time out to dream without questioning, analyzing, and discounting your thoughts. When a dream has enough meaning for you, elevate it to an intention and go for it!

#7. Set goals, big and small.

There’s gratification in achievement at any level. Feed that need by creating goals of varying sizes. Make daily, weekly, and monthly goals. A goal can be as simple as “Get up 30 minutes earlier tomorrow” or “”Call Mom”. Having something to cross off your list is encouraging. 

Set long-term goals and assign timelines. Without a schedule or deadline, you have no accountability for getting there. “Someday” isn’t on the calendar. Make a commitment and follow the plan. In other words, live with intention and purpose.

#8. Check in with yourself.

It’s one thing to commit to living a purposeful life but another thing entirely to actually do it. Do an occasional self-check to see how you’re progressing, Make changes in your plans, update your dreams, and celebrate your achievements.


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