Your 2021 report card

Myers Barnes new home sales 2021 report cardIf you were to rate yourself on your 2021 performance—using the honor system, please—what grade did you earn? Before you keep doing what you do in the way you’ve always done it, fill out your 2021 report card.

Student Progress

What did you learn in 2021? How did you gain that knowledge and how did you apply it? 

Progress should be part of your daily life. Keep your mind and eyes open to learning opportunities, wherever they are. Books, podcasts, webinars, networking, mentors, videos, and online classes can spark your imagination. Review your skill set and determine the areas where you need to expand your knowledge and expertise. Then, actively pursue sources to grow.

Test Scores

When put to the test, how did you do? Did you come through like a superstar, exceeding expectations or settle for a solid “C”? Would your customers agree with your assessment?

Evaluate your performance, not just in total new home sales, but in a variety of ways. How is your customer follow-up? This is an area where many new home sales professionals could improve, both with the frequency and quality of communication.

Rate yourself on your ability to build and maintain relationships with customers and team members. Think about how you leverage relationships to gain referrals.


The working world isn’t like grade school. You don’t get a ribbon for just showing up.

Do you put forth a solid effort every day? Are you actively involved with what’s happening in your company and the communities you represent? Are you a familiar face to leadership, project superintendents, estimators, and design center pros? Do you offer customer feedback that could benefit others in your organization? Participation shows interest and enthusiasm. How would you gauge yours?


What do you do outside of work that could enhance your career opportunities and success? Do you stay on top of industry trends, both for builders and buyers? Are you tuned into available financing programs that could help your homebuyers? 

A new home sales professional knows that you don’t turn off your passion at the end of the workday. Does yours need a little rekindling? 

Extra Credit

Do you welcome challenges? How do you handle change? Where do you step up and do more than is required or expected of a new home sales professional? What extras do you offer your customers?

Now, take those scores and set up a plan to raise each one, even if you’ve scored high. Remember, there is always room for improvement.

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