Have you moved away from “The Way We’ve Always Done It?”

By Kerry Mulcrone, MIRM, CMP, CSPMyers Barnes Kerry Mulcrone

We often hear, “If you keep doing what you have always done, you will keep getting the same results you have always gotten.” I wonder, if you stop doing what you have always done, what will happen then?

“What we have always done” has changed dramatically in the past two years. Have you adapted? You’ve had to, right? We discovered how to get critical supplies when they are sparse, how to continue collaborating with people without being in the same room, and how to incorporate more technology into our lives. How many apps have you downloaded in just the past month?

While we shift our thinking and processes, we also need to shift communication. It’s not just the method of communication we use—texting, calls, emails—but the messaging. Customers are not doing what they have always done. They expect more information online, faster response, and the ability to get what they want without too much effort. You have to step away from the past methods and adapt to what your customers want and expect right now.

Case in point: To be a New Home Sales Specialist, you have always done personal marketing that aligned with your company marketing, which enhances your sales and personal brand. However, what I am finding across the country is we are lagging in that area, as the buyers have been plentiful and the homes in short supply. We’re juggling heavy demand with insufficient supply. That means buyers are frustrated, which then means New Home Sales Specialists need to be great at managing expectations with their communication.

Let’s get back to what made us successful. Deliver an experience across multiple platforms in various ways that people have respected you for and where they have found you. Use this opportunity to do more than maintain relationships—strengthen them.

Reason being, it isn’t going to stay like this forever, my friends!


Who and where are your revenue streams? Realtors, prospective clients, past buyers, referrals, current customers under construction, spheres of influence, and the list goes on.

What personal touchpoints have you given these folks lately? Anything? It isn’t rocket science! Do something timely and meaningful. Reach out to them somehow, some way. Put yourself in those places that represent the most potential for you. Get in front of people who remember you and present a compelling reason to reconnect. Remind them that you’re that special person who thought about them! We live in some uncertain times these days and having someone reach out to us feels right and good.

Technology and Communication are our friends—fast, easy and well received. It has never been easier to stay connected with people, wherever they are. Create, Contact, Capture! 

Here’s your Video assignment #1: Create a 15-second, fun video from your model that simply says something like…

Hi, it’s Kerry. I was thinking of you and hoping 2022 is treating you well. Let’s stay in touch with what’s current and happening in the new home world! If you have questions or need anything, give me a shout! Send me a text or call anytime. have a fabulous day! “

 Video #2: Show your viewer anything new and exciting in your company and community or even demonstrate your favorite floorplan! (Just like you promised in video #1…staying in touch.)  

You see, it’s not everything you do some of the time, but anything you do all the time that resonates and shows you care.



Kerry Mulcrone, MIRM, CMP, CSP, has invested more than 30 years cultivating sales success for builders. She is the founder of Kerry & Co., and a sought-after sales consultant, trainer, speaker, and author. Kerry is a powerful catalyst for developing company synergy and sales systems that help to create a “we love to work here” environment. Contact Kerry at info@kerryandco.com.


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