New Home Sales Training: Developing Your X-Ray Vision

Superman x-ray“Look… up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No… it’s Super Salesperson!”

You have to admit, Superman was one cool mild-mannered dude. Due to his extraordinary talents, he could perform heroic deeds by being faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

But most intriguing of all, he was able to peer through solid objects with his X-ray vision to determine when Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen were in trouble. No distance was too far or wall too thick for Superman’s X-ray vision to penetrate. He used it in every encounter to evaluate situations and to respond appropriately.

One of the most important talents that you, as a salesperson, should develop is the ability to discern each homebuyer’s needs and financial ability, as well as his or her wants, needs and desires. You need a type of X-ray vision to penetrate the core of your prospect’s emotional agenda so you, too, will know how to evaluate the situation and respond appropriately.

In other words, you need to know if your prospect will qualify for the new home BEFORE you begin the never ending battle for truth, justice and the American dream.

How do you do that?

Prior to launching your presentation, your first priority and continuing mission as a “Super Salesperson” is to determine if the prospect is qualified to make a purchase. Qualification is your form of X-ray vision. It enables you to ask the right questions and to see through the exterior appearance of the prospect so you won’t form hasty conclusions and make errant assumptions.

To properly X-ray your prospect, there are five basic categories of discovery you must pursue before you begin your sale’s presentation. If you skillfully ask the following five questions, you will discern how you can best lead your potential customer from presentation to close.

1. “Where do you live now? Why are you considering moving?”

2. “Ms. Prospect, how soon before your plan on moving into your new home?”

3. “Mr. and Mrs. Prospect, what investment range are you considering with your new home/homesite?”

4. “Mr. Prospect, how many people will be enjoying your new home?”

5. “Mike, have you specifically decided on a particular floor plan? What I’m really asking is, what type and style home are you looking for?”

First invest 10 to 30 minutes in asking these questions and in prospect qualification and you won’t waste hours, days or possibly months attempting to close sales with those who cannot — or will not — purchase from you.

When Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegal introduced Superman to America in 1938, they used him to exemplify hope and strength in a combative and confusing world. The average “Joe” felt empowered just watching the man of steel overcome the problems of the world. As he leaped from one adventure to another, Superman became not only a hero, but also a teacher.

It’s the same with you. Prospects need a person of integrity to mentor and empower them as they wind through the process of buying a new home or homesite. And the only way you can do that is by soliciting enough information up front to make an honest appraisal of their situation.

Superman would have never battered down a wall or wasted time trying to solve a problem without first X-raying and discovering the reality of the situation and the best solution. Neither should you.

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