New Home Sales Training: Have You Thanked Your Builder Today?

The beauty of treading into the waters of new home sales is that you aren’t sailing (and selling) alone. You have a partner someone who has offered you a rare joint-venture opportunity.

What’s a joint venture? In most cases, a joint venture is a relationship between two people that involves a pooling of resources. In its most common form, it normally is between a person with a lot of money and another person with an idea, drive, and talent.

As a new home salesperson, your builder/developer has presented you with a joint-venture proposition. Basically, he or she has said, “I’ve got a tremendous opportunity for you with an unlimited income potential. As a matter of fact, the income potential is so incredible that you have the chance to earn an amount that 90 percent of the American population can only dream about achieving.”

“I’ve bought a good piece of land and am about to invest millions of dollars in infrastructure and development cost. Beyond that, I’m going to build hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, in model homes and speculative properties. Of course, I’ll further invest in decorating and merchandizing the homes and provide you with a sales office. The office will be fully equipped and I’ll pick up all your expenses: utilities, rent, stationary, phones, collateral material, computers, etc. Finally, I’m going to generate your prospects and customers at my expense by creating a website, media ads, billboards, and signs that will help boost your income.”

“That’s what I’ll contribute as part of this joint venture. If you enter this relationship as a salesperson, here’s what I expect from you. Show up at work on time, in a respectable car and wearing professional attire. And actively and enthusiastically participate in our sales meetings and company-sponsored training/educational sessions. If you’ll do that, I’ll put up all the money, take all the risk, and you can earn the income level of the affluent and upper echelon.”

What an opportunity! And yet how many salespeople view it that way, much less take the time to thank the builder or developer who offers it to them?

If you haven’t thanked your business partner recently, you should. Because he or she has presented you with a fantastic opportunity to choose your lifestyle and chart your future.

Myers Barnes,
Myers Barnes Associates, Inc.

Article taken from:
Close Every Sale Without Fail, Myers Barnes & Shirley Mozingo

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