New Home Sales Training: Albert Switzer Understands Sales Management

This is a bit of a rant and justifiably so. In the last few months it has come to my attention the most disruptive student who attends my corporate sales training seminar is the sales manager.

We tell all leaders the training is most effective when the CEO, Owner and Management team attends. It is a strong message to fully engage as an active participant and demonstrate by action, rather than words the importance of education. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Yet, here is the reality; the Blackberry remains on, and is constantly checked, and in most cases email replies are actually taking place. Furthermore, if an incoming call is deemed important the (ineffective) leader will leave the room and take their call.

I could give you a few clichés such as “walk the talk”, or actions speak louder than words”, or even “people do not listen to what you say, rather they watch what you do.”
Rather, I’ll quote Albert Switzer: “Teach people at the school of example, they will learn no other way.”

You think about it, Myers

Myers Barnes
Myers Barnes Associates, Inc.

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