Get In or Get Out, but Get Going

Marketing guru Seth Godin wrote an eye-opening book called "The Dip.” The premise is that you need to learn when to quit. Cut your losses and shift that energy into a place where you can be more effective. Learn to recognize when you’re faltering and either pump up your forces or bail. Yoda, the wise Jedi warrior in "Star Wars" summed it up: "Do or do not. There is no ‘try’."

When I work with home builders, developers, and new home salespeople, I advise them to step out of the gray area. "Get in the game or get out. If you cannot get out, then get in." What I’m saying is, make a commitment to yourself and your business. Explore your options for staying in the game. What will it take for you to continue? Do you have to negotiate better pricing with your contractors and suppliers? Do you need to eliminate certain products and costly features? Determine what you must do in order to get in and stay in. Then do it! Or cut your losses and get out.

As a salesperson, "getting in" means stretching yourself to learn and improve. Invest in your knowledge base. Read about negotiation skills and buying behavior. Think of your car as a traveling university and spend your driving time listening to audio books on sales strategies. Subscribe to e-newsletters and blogs to get tips and stay on top of best practices in the industry.

When the game has changed, you can’t play by the old rules. So, it’s up to you to decide what to do in your business. Get in or get out. But get going!


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