Not All Prospects are Friendly

Experts agree that most potential customers are uneasy about entering strange surroundings (such as a sales center) and they lack confidence when meeting a salesperson for the first time.

The reasons for this are:

The prospect is confused
Visiting multiple communities, sales centers, and model homes is a time-consuming process and may be confusing.

The prospect is in a hurry
A home is the single largest investment and yet the prospect is still in a hurry to get it done and is, therefore, shopping by the process of exclusion.

The prospect is afraid
She or he may have been overwhelmed or intimidated by another salesperson.

Prospects negotiate
Many potential buyers believe a hardened approach is the first safeguard to buying. Remember, a truly serious purchaser may assume the role of "the reluctant buyer."

Prospects are influenced by the Internet
Because buyers are highly informed today, they may view the salesperson as nothing more than a talking brochure. In many cases, they know more about your competitor, company, and even your neighborhood than you do.

So, how do you effectively turn these negatives into positives for you? If only there was a scripted process for conquering objections and helping the prospect understand how you can help them. Wait, there is! It’s called New Home Sales in a Nutshell. These proven, effective, and powerful scripts for success are what you need to help you help your prospects take advantage of this historical time for new home sales!

Keep Selling, Super Achievers!


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