Motive + Action = Motivation

Motivation makes things happen. Motivation is driven by the motive to do, act, or change. Break down the word:

Motive + Action = Motivation.

Motivation is the compelling "Why" statement. “Why change?" "Why act?" "Why react?".

I’m not concerned with what you want, but rather why you want it. What is the compelling reason that lies beneath that desire? It’s not the "what" the gets you up in the morning, ready to tackle challenges and surge ahead. No, the motivation is the "why" statement. The desire to close a sale is the "What", but the "Why" reflects your ambition, the driving force that pushes you to reach a sales goal. Your "Why" statement is the reason you stay late, arrive early, overcome objection, swat away rejection, and keep moving forward, day after day.

When I work with clients, I tell them, "If I know why you want something, then I can help you get it." What is your motivation? Financial success? Personal gratification? The ability to take a nice vacation twice a year? Expansion? Exit strategy?

It’s fine to know what you want, but if you haven’t yet invested the time to determine why, then you might discover that there’s just not enough motive to trigger the action you need to achieve. Giving up on a goal means you didn’t have a strong enough "Why" statement. Before you give up, revisit the "Why".

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