Super-Achievers Think on Paper

People that cannot make prompt decisions miss their opportunity.

What separates a real leader from others is the ability to make fast decisions. Decisions come at you everyday like a bullet. In the year 2010 do you think you will have a major decision to make? The answer is yes.

There is a formula to help bring you clarity in the decision making process and it starts with thinking on paper. The average genius thinks on paper and delegates decision making to a document by asking these 4 simple questions:

If I make this decision what will be the best possible outcome?

What would the most likely outcome?

What would be the worst outcome if I were to move in this direction?

Now ask yourself, will the most likely outcome carry me forward in the direction I need to go? Or, can I live with the worse possible outcome?

Your answer will make the decision obvious.

It is important that you learn to manage fast decisions. Why? Because there will always be new decisions coming at you daily. Remember that procrastination is the thief of all opportunity.

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