Builder Radio Podcast: Boost Sales With a ‘1 in 3’ Referral Strategy

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Boost Sales by 30% With a ’1 in 3? Referral Strategy

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In this interview, we discuss how to build a predictable business by initiating a strategy that will give you a return of 1 in 3 – for every three sales that you make to a walk-in or to a Realtor, you can get one additional sale by following this simple 6 step strategy:

Step 1: Anticipate cancellations. Make two calls in 24 hours.

Step 2: Explain your customer care commitment. Your customer care commitment is going to involve three sub-steps. Customer care is going to be a weekly preemptive customer service call. In addition, it will be a weekly email and then you’re going to give them your scheduled days off.

Step 3: A weekly or biweekly photo of their home.

Step 4
: Lunch on the day of their move-in and a gift subscription to the local newspaper.

Step 5: Anniversary card after they move in.

Step 6: Non-traditional holiday card campaign.

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