What’s your breed?

Taking control of your sales can be like trying to round up a pack of stray dogs. Without a strong leader, they will head in any direction. Dogs need to be controlled by someone with a calm, focused mind, who is steadfast and has a strong sense of determination.

When your sales run wild, your salespeople can become frustrated and overwhelmed trying to figure out what to do next. Should they offer incentives? Should they negotiate more? Should they discount the home? How will the buyers find your model homes? Is there an online marketing strategy to attract potential buyers?

They need a clearly defined set of expectations … a plan of action. Understanding what breed you are as a builder is the first step towards giving them that. The question for you is: Are you a dying breed or a breed apart? Are you old-school, relying on yesterday’s outdated methods to attract home buyers, or have you developed your own brand? Step out from the pack and say, “Enough! Enough discounting. Enough incentives. Enough justifying my prices!”

It’s time to take charge and acknowledge that you’re in business to make a profit … not just sell homes. Be the new generation builder who works within a system and can make a profit regardless of what the market is doing, which way the economy is heading, and how many builders are throwing in the kitchen sink.

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