Announcing the launch of HomeBuilders.com, the Ultimate Online Marketing and New Home Sales Resource Center dedicated to helping homebuilders and new home sales professionals succeed.

HomeBuilders.com is a free, non-promotional educational resource concentrating on the challenges that face homebuilders and industry professionals in today’s challenging market.

HomeBuilders.com is unique to the marketplace in that 100% of its content zeroes in on the three major challenges facing homebuilders and industry professionals today – generating enough traffic, converting that traffic to sales, and creating profitable sales. Going beyond a discussion group, HomeBuilders.com offers insight, advice and actionable know-how into what’s working and who’s doing it along with examples, case studies and feature interviews with leading builders across North America.

The landscape for marketing and selling in the homebuilding industry has changed so dramatically that we wanted to bring together a collective think-tank that captures the core elements for successful selling today — powerful marketing programs, building a motivated and productive sales team, creating websites that work, driving customers to your business online, integrating online marketing with onsite sales, and the key role technology plays in connecting with potential and existing homebuyers.

Learn how to create powerful marketing campaigns, drive customers to your website, capture leads and build a motivated sales team. Understand the components that make up a comprehensive marketing strategy and get real-world tips from the industry’s leading experts. HomeBuilders.com founders and editorial contributors include Myers Barnes of MyersBarnes.com, Mike Lyon, principal of DoYouConvert.com, Chip Johnson, CEO of BuilderDesigns.com, Jim Adams, founder and CEO of NewHomesDirectory.com, Dave Clements, founder and CEO of LassoDataSystems.com.

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