Deals, Discounts and Incentives – Part 1

Your competitors are conducting a Home Buyers School. Every time a buyer walks in your competitors’ models they are given all these incentives. This is why when your prospects walk through the doors they ask, “What kind of deal, what kind of discount, what kind of incentive can you offer me?”

In new home sales, regardless of whether you are offering a deal, a discount or an incentive, it’s a matter of when you present it. The classic mistake is giving the incentive before the prospect actually picks out a home. You must get down to the one of a kind. There is no such thing as a blanket incentive. If you give your incentives too fast you are blowing the negotiation.

Incentives are closing tools, not your opening statement. The buyer has to have a basis of value before you give the incentive. Giving the incentive before they see the home, is like spilling the popcorn in the lobby before starting the movie. Remember part of the new home sales process is about getting down to that one of a kind.

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