Deals, Discounts and Incentives – Part 4

What do you say to a buyer when they ask you, “What are your deals, discounts and incentives?” Don’t give them a value, give them a description of your value proposition. We have an impressive home, fantastic location, phenomenal schools, spectacular customer service, we’re an Energy Star builder, we have a lot to offer. Not only that, but when you find the specific home to fit your needs, we can talk about some tremendous financing incentives for you. The dollar amount means nothing without the value proposition.

The best way to deal with people who push for a dollar amount before exploring the community is to say we have nothing that applies across the board. Our incentives vary from home to home. We’ve got something special for each and every home, what we need to do is go out and pick out a home for you. This is how you hold the incentive as a closing tool.

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