Life is full of obstacle illusions.

It takes a person with an entrepreneurial spirit to succeed in new home sales because they have the mindset that they can turn nothing into something. Where most people see an obstacle, they see an opportunity.

For example, when couples walk into a model home, they usually say something like, “We’re just out looking around. We’re not buying anything.”

That kind of response seems to offer little hope of making a sale. However, a salesperson with an entrepreneurial mindset sees through the smokescreen and thinks like this:

Why would they walk in the door if they aren’t ready to buy a new home? Why would they spend money on gas driving around looking at new homes if they aren’t interested in buying one?

I know that nine out of ten homebuyers go online first to check out new homes and communities. So, probably, they have already been swamped by builders’ ads, Websites and the media; and yet here they are … on my doorstep. They can’t tell me they aren’t ready to buy.

Most of the people who come in my front door are on some sort of mission to buy a new home. Even though they say, “I’m not buying,” I know that really means, “I am interested in buying a new home, but I want to look around without you following me. We’ll talk when I’m ready.”

So, unlike most new home salespeople, I don’t take this as a rejection and give up. Instead, I give them some space.

I am very knowledgeable about my community. I can confidently explain to them the value of this home. I have practiced my closing arguments. I am a valuable asset to these homebuyers. At some point, they will realize this and I’ll make the sale.

Why? Because I don’t give up when buyers throw an obstacle in my path. I know it’s an illusion. They may want to give me the appearance that they’re “just looking,” but I’m not buying it.

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