New Home Sales Training: Self-talk Scenario #11

Remember that when a buyer throws out a low number, it is not negotiation — instead it is desperation. In this self-talk scenario, the buyer is saying that you have to accept their low ball offer, but as we know, that is not true.

Buyer says: “We like your homes and community, but feel that the price isn’t fair. So, we’ll offer you this much.”

Buyer thinks: “All builders and Realtors are desperate to sell their homes, so I’m going to offer a low-ball amount and see what they say. I bet they will go along with it just to sell a home.”

You think: “They are trying to manipulate me into reducing the price of this home. That isn’t going to happen. Once I start doing that, the whole pricing structure will erode.”

You say: “I am glad you like the house, but your offer won’t be accepted. Our prices are firm and here’s why. Some builders put a high price on their homes at the beginning and then discount them so it looks like the buyer is getting a deal. We don’t agree with this. We priced our homes fairly at the beginning and have held the line on price fluctuations. The price you pay for one of our homes today is what all buyers will pay today. By conducting business this way, we’re able to protect the value of our homes and community. This also protects your equity, since real estate values are based on comparable sales.”

By explaining the integrity behind the pricing you take away the power behind a low offer. You show the value of your community and defeat this type of self-talk negotiation.

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