New Home Sales Training: The official playbook for New Home Sales Negotiation

Negotiation is a hot topic among new home sales professionals. And it should be! If you can’t negotiate, you compromise your ability to successfully sell. Yes, you can close deals, but are you leaving too much on the table?

After many years spent watching sales people struggle with the fine art of negotiation, we decided to offer up some help.

Myers Barnes Associates wrote the book on New Home Sales Negotiation. We used experience gained from thousands of new home sales negotiations—those that worked and those that didn’t—in order to compile “Myers Barnes’ Secrets of New Homes Sales Negotiation: How to Achieve ‘Yes!’ Every Time”. This is the official new home sales negotiation playbook that will lead you to the optimum result: a profitable sale with a satisfied buyer.

I’m glad to report that readers are getting real value from the book. One reviewer said, “Keep this one on hand at all times…it’s an invaluable tool in today’s market of negotiating contracts, justifying value, making deals happen, helping buyers see they have reached the best price possible, ensuring your builder is making a profitable sale, and most important, finding that win-win home buying experience.”

A homebuilder said, “Our industry’s life blood is being threatened by this new tough customer. All sales people and homebuilding management personnel should read and re-read this book until it becomes part of you.”

I’ve made my entire career in new home sales and I want to help others reach their potential, so I’m sharing my negotiation secrets so you can learn how to:

For those of you who are reaping the rewards of digital reading, I’ve made this book available as a Kindle version, too!

Knowledge is power. You owe it to yourself to power up!


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