Book Release: Announcing Myers’ Newest Book!

While traveling across the nation to share my enthusiasm about new home sales, I experienced a journey of another kind. This one became a year-long writing adventure into a world of words and I’m so excited about it that I wanted to give you an advance notice. So, here it is: I will have a new book published in 2015 that will rock your imagination!

Between its covers are 50 ordinary words that impact our lives as leaders. While researching their root meanings, I realized I had to get these words out of my head and into print. The yet-to-be-named manuscript is filled with inspiring stories, anecdotes, nutshell wisdom, motivational quotes and messages of self-empowerment that I’ve collected during my travels.

I wouldn’t say it’s like chicken soup for the soul; more like salsa for the soul. It’s fresh, good for you, has essential health benefits, will spice up your knowledge and provide you with a daily intake of optimism.  Watch for it!

Myers Barnes is a new home sales trainer who teaches important and effective sales strategies and techniques in the new-home sales industry to builders, developers, and top corporations.  Visit to learn more.


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