How Well Do You Know Your Potential Homebuyers?


Reaching your audience is the key to successful marketing, but in order to reach them, you have to really KNOW them. Who are they? What do they like? How do they communicate? What’s the best way to communicate with them? We’ve broken down your various demographics into some simple descriptions that might help you understand your target markets a little better.


As might be expected, men and women have very different approaches to buying things, whether it’s shoes, electronics or houses. Women like upbeat, sentimental, and aspirational imagery, and lots of details. They’re multi-taskers, so shopping is more social and interactive. They enjoy shopping as an experience (i.e. design centers and vignettes), and love to get a great deal on something (i.e. special offers).

Men are more product-driven and practical. They like large photos and not a lot of detail. They don’t mind paying more if it’s for quality. (i.e. Is this the best [house, water heater, roofing, carpeting]? Great!) They’re also more competitive. (Is my [house, water heater, roofing, carpeting] better than someone else’s? Even better!)


When you break your demographics down by age groups/generations, things get even more interesting. One of the biggest differences is the role that technology plays in their lives.


 The youngest group of buyers (Gen Y/Millennials) is in their very early 20’s through 30’s. They are very comfortable with technology; in fact, it’s an intrinsic part of the lives. (i.e. Drop zones and recharging stations. Space for a laptop in the kitchen.) They’ve seen their financial situation decimated by the Recession, so they tend to be short on cash. They can absorb a lot of information, so don’t be afraid to give it to them. The internet is the obvious advertising milieu for Millennials. They like ads that are simple with strong imagery. They’re like innovation, so interesting web marketing will reach them.

Gen Xers

The next group are the so-called “Gen Xers” – buyers in their 30’s, 40’s and early 50’s. Some of them are just getting married and having kids, while the older ones are heading toward empty nesting. As the first generation of latchkey kids, they tend to be more self-reliant and frugal. Don’t try to “sell” them – they know their own minds, and know what they like. They appreciate accuracy and value – definitely substance over splash. Again – No BS. Though not as tech-driven as the Millennials, they are tech-savvy, so you can use search, pay-per-click, email and Facebook to reach them.

Baby Boomers

 Lastly are the seemingly omnipresent Baby Boomers. Known for being flashy, fun and impulsive, they are not averse to spending money. Even though the first Boomers are close to 70, they see themselves as eternally young and adventurous. Hip nostalgia and youthful imagery are a good bet. They’re well educated and successful, so don’t talk down to them. They love their freedom and hate stress, so emphasize low maintenance and great warranties. They have integrated technology into their lives but are still comfortable with traditional media forms as well, so advertising across platforms is a good approach.

As you can see, when it comes to reaching your audiences, you’ve got your work cut out for you!

Myers Barnes is America’s favorite new home sales trainer, author, speaker and consultant.  For more information, please visit

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