Selling New Homes Isn’t Easy

New Home Sales

Selling new homes isn’t easy. Check that. Selling them successfully isn’t easy.

I’ve seen some sales counselors show up at the model home, go through the motions of calling prospects and following up with leads. They arrive when the model is scheduled to open and leave when the schedule says so.

They aren’t the most effective ones. They want the results but don’t want to put forth the effort that goes into being successful with new home sales. But sadly, these sales “professionals” represent a large majority in our industry.

There is no set schedule in this business. You don’t work 9 to 5, and then turn off your selling mindset. It’s on—24/7. You work every Saturday and Sunday, because that’s when people buy new homes. You take your days off during the week, sometimes not consecutively. You can have your vacation, of course, but you work hard to make it happen. Even though, your mind is focused on how to do better, where to find leads, and how to bring a tough prospect to close. You’re reading up on current sales strategy and listening to audio books in your mobile university (your car, on airplanes).

As a new home sales professional—as in any sales career—you will experience rejection. Deals that seemed like slam-dunks will fall through. It happens. You’re dealing with buyers who are making the biggest financial decision of their lives, and emotions run high. You’re not just a sales professional. You’re a therapist.

You will counsel homebuyers through their fears, guide them through the decisions that may seem minor, but will have a major impact on their future.

You do all this because new home selling is not a job. It’s a lifestyle. And a mindset. You enjoy helping people to achieve the dream of owning a new home. You relish that moment when you hand over the keys and your homebuyers start a new life.

And you reap the rewards that come with being in the top three percent of the income bracket in this country. Yes, the money is great—but only when YOU are.

I believe that, no matter what career you choose, you should choose to be exceptional. There is no other way to live your life than to do it to the fullest. New Home Sales is not easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is.

Myers Barnes is America’s favorite new home sales trainer, author, speaker and consultant.  For more information, please visit

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