Are you burnt out or rusted out?

Myers Barnes new home sales burned out“I am SO burnt out. I just need a break!”

How many times have you heard this complaint? How many times have you said it yourself? Here’s a more revealing question: Are you burnt out or rusted out?

In order to burn out, you had to have been on fire—a raging inferno! A small fire slowly smolders out, following a gradual descent to ashes. But to truly burn out, you need to have been white-hot with excitement, a roaring sphere of energy and enthusiasm that ignited blistering results!

Look at the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. He was left outdoors, where the drops of rain gradually rusted every joint in his metal body, including his jaw. Eventually, he rusted out, the result of lingering immobility.

Use it or lose it

The principle of entropy dictates that, if you don’t put energy into something to make it better, it becomes worse by default. If you don’t exercise, you lose body tone. If you don’t feed your mind with new knowledge, your mental capacity diminishes.

To see the physical results of entropy, take a look around you at things that are not maintained. Wood rots. Paint peels. Concrete crumbles. Teeth decay. And metal rusts.

The same concept of entropy applies to you and your work. Those relationships that aren’t regularly cultivated will weaken over time. You aren’t as committed to following up or don’t have the energy to handle objections. In new home sales, we know that strong relationships are essential and require a steady stream of engagement. 

You also need to stimulate your energy and creativity. Use the oil can to lubricate your thinking and to get rid of the squeaks in your sales approach. It might just be the ideal remedy for the exhaustion, indifference, and general ennui you’re experiencing.

Fire hose or oil can?

Before you spend another day making excuses for your lackluster performance, measure your symptoms. Burnout is usually physical. You’ve pushed your body too hard and it’s rearing back at you with exhaustion. Have you been going hard at work without a day off? Has the line between work and life become so blurred that your family is complaining and yet your clients still aren’t satisfied? You can give your all to your job, but then there’s nothing left. No reserves in the tank. No backup to count on. The cure for a raging case of burnout is rest and relaxation. Take the time off to recharge your empty batteries.

Rust out, however, presents with different symptoms. Most often, this malady is the psychological result of losing passion, energy, motivation, and creativity. You just don’t care anymore. You don’t have the mental capacity to deal with issues that used to be easy. You’re not burnt out—or, more likely, your “extinguishing” was more like a candle flame being puffed out. It never burned with intensity. 

Stop rusting away. Grab the oil can and get yourself moving with the power, intention, and agility you’re missing. Read or listen to books and podcasts to re-spark your enthusiasm. Reignite relationships that you’ve ignored. The more action you take, the quicker you’ll fan the flames and rage into a white-hot fury of new home sales success!


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