If you haven’t yet set 2021 goals, switch your focus…now!

Myers Barnes new home sales 2021 goalsWe just stepped into the fourth quarter of a year that many people just want to end. 2020 will always be memorable. If you’re in new home sales, you might look back fondly at this time of unprecedented demand and the lowest interest rates in recorded history. The end of the year is in sight. If you haven’t yet set 2021 goals, you’d better switch your focus…now!

Where are you in your goal setting and goal achieving pathways? Did you set tangible sales goals at the beginning of the year? And did you adjust them when the market suddenly piled sales in your lap? You might have spent the past six months taking orders, but if you weren’t creating sales, you missed those opportunities—and someone else certainly seized them.

Behavioral scientists tell us that setting goals actually changes the way your brain functions. They also say it takes about 90 days for a goal to kick in. By that estimation, if you wait till 2021, you’re already late. Set your 2021 goals in October. 

Let’s put 2020 behind us and look ahead to 2021. Identify your goals. Start by being clear about your vision.

What is my goal?

A goal is something you want to achieve.

Be specific. “Increase sales” isn’t a strong goal. As soon as you sell one more home, you’ve hit the target. Is that what you really wanted? “Increase sales by 20%” is a goal. 

That’s your “what”. Next comes your “why”.

Why do I want to achieve it?

Here’s your motivation. It’s time to think bigger, to reimagine. The more powerful that motivation, the harder you’ll work to reach the milestone you’ve set. It could be that you want financial security for your family. Maybe you want to excel at your job for the satisfaction of the achievement. Whatever it is, make sure you have the motivation that will sufficiently spark your actions.

Let’s move on to the all important “how”.

How will I make it happen?

As I’ve said many times, a goal without an action plan is merely a wish. You need to detail the steps required to reach a goal, and you must set a timeline that holds you accountable. Establish benchmarks throughout the year to keep yourself on track. Set targets for weekly, monthly, and quarterly objectives so that you can measure your progress and make adjustments as needed.

What if…?

What if this robust market falls apart? It’s inevitable.

Create a contingency plan to address the possibilities, rather than one based on assumptions. No one expected COVID, but look how it changed the country. We didn’t anticipate the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and our lives have been forever changed.

Expect the unexpected. Plan for it and you create a sustainable plan. If you need help carving out the vision and plan for 2021, talk to me.

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