Q1 is done. 3 more to go. Where are you with your goals?

We’re already into April. Q1 is done. We have three more to go. How are you progressing with your goals for the year? If you haven’t been checking every week, there’s still time to get back on track.

Are you so awestruck by this robust market of eager buyers that you haven’t bothered to pay attention to your goals? Don’t allow yourself to get in the habit of being overconfident. Instead, take advantage of the current situation by adjusting your goals, maybe pushing them up to a higher level. 

Goal setting should not simply be a matter of projecting sales numbers. Aim for personal and professional development. What skills will you need when the market slows down? And will your sales skills be sharp enough when the inevitable happens? Right now, you’re taking orders rather than selling. That can lead to dulling your abilities—like atrophy in the muscles when they aren’t flexed enough.

You have three more quarters in 2021. How are you going to use the time? 

Take on a growth mindset.

Everyone has room for improvement. What’s yours? Could you benefit from learning more about technology? We’ve moved on from so many methods we previously relied on, like in-person selling. Don’t expect people to go back to the way it used to be once the pandemic’s restrictions have lifted. There has been a massive cultural shift to doing more online. Are you using technology as well as you could be?

What other skills can you work on for the remainder of 2021? Communication? Leadership? Follow-up and follow-through? If you haven’t done it already, set up some growth goals to achieve in the next three quarters of 2021.

Hold yourself accountable.

Your goals don’t matter one bit if you haven’t created accountability for yourself. Establish ways to track your progress. Then stay on top of it by measuring your action, at least weekly. Commit to your goals by sharing them with others. You’ll not only stay on tracks but you might even inspire them to do the same.

Work your referral network.

Here’s a resource that’s too often overlooked. Reach out to your past customers, lenders you’ve worked with, and other people who might refer buyers to you in the future. It’s a lot smarter to keep your name steadily on their minds than to have to restart the connection later. A simple “How are you?” with a text, email, or social media message is a small effort that could provide a big return.

We can’t predict where life will take us at the end of this year. Instead of making assumptions, make plans. Use your time wisely. Set goals. 

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