New Home Sales Training: Are you a team player

In my book “Close Every Sale Without Fail,” I stress the importance of working together with those in your office and with other brokers and Realtors. A study conducted by a management consulting firm in California identified five key traits that team players need. These qualities, they report, form the foundation for choices and actions that lead to career strategies and success.

They found that team players:

  1. Find jobs that inspire them to have a sense of mission
  2. Have a need for new challenges and seek the knowledge that comes from putting themselves in new situations
  3. Stick to their goals while dealing with daily routines and battles
  4. Recognize that they cannot work alone and find strength in a broad-based team approach that includes delegating and sharing responsibilities
  5. Overcome discomfort and uncertain times by developing their strengths and skills and positioning themselves on the playing field.

Although Paul Simon sang, “I am a rock; I am an island,” Art Garfunkel was behind him singing harmony. No one is an island. We all need one another.

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