Scripting Success

Probably the biggest objection I receive from salespeople (and this includes managers) centers on the notion of using planned dialog when selling new homes to potential buyers. Repeatedly, salespeople want to battle, debate, and argue with me that they do not believe in scripts.

To anyone who tells me that, I say, "You’re delusional! Wake up and smell the competition!" If you’re really convinced that you don’t believe in using scripts to sell new homes, then you’re misleading yourself. The truth is that you already have a script you follow. You just don’t realize it.

How many of you recall your first day of selling real estate? Remember how nervous you were? Why? You were intimidated talking to strangers because you didn’t know what to say. So, why aren’t you nervous now? Through repetition, you’ve become comfortable with what you’re saying, whether it works or not.

That’s why I wrote New Home Sales in a Nutshell, to provide you with invaluable scripts that really work. Realize your goals and vastly improve your conversion ratio even in a challenged market with these proven, effective, and powerful scripts for success.

Keep Selling, Super Achievers!


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