New Home Sales Training: Self-talk Scenario #6

In our self-talk scenarios we’ve been exploring price objections, negotiation tactics, and value versus price propositions. This is another familiar scenario where a buyer needs more time.

Buyer says: “I really like the house, but I want to talk it over with my folks…get their thoughts on buying here. You understand.”

Buyer thinks: “I still want time to think about this and shop around. It’s a big commitment.  You have spent so much time showing me the house, I hate to disappoint you by not buying right now, but I really do want more time to think about it. If I tell you I need to talk it over with someone, I won’t have to make a decision today.”

You think: “She’s stalling.”

You say: “I absolutely understand that. Buying a house is a huge decision and you want to make certain it’s right for you. So, if I hear what you’re saying, once your folks agree that this is an excellent home for you to buy, you’ll feel confident in moving forward. So, my suggestion is to write/prepare the contract contingent upon their approval. That way, you secure your home so no one else will buy it while you’re deliberating and your folks will be able to review the actual contract.”

By understanding where the buyer is in the process we can give them viable options so they will have the time to “think about it” and still get them on paper and keep them from losing the one of a kind selection they’ve spent so long choosing.

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