New Home Sales Training: Self-talk Scenario #7

As we continue with the self-talk series we see that negotiating a price seems to be at the top of most buyer’s minds. They are constantly fixated on price and how to get the best deal. However, as new home sales people it is our job to get them focused on the fact that this is the unique home that they have chosen and if they do not choose to buy it today, someone else will come along who will make the purchase.

Buyer says: “I appreciate all the information, but we just aren’t ready to make a commitment now. Your price is (1) too high; (2) not within our budget; (3) higher than everyone else’s homes; (4) more than we want to pay.”

Buyer thinks: “If I drag my feet and beat you up on price, you’ll cave because you want to sell this house more than I want to own it.”

You think: “Not sure what’s going on here. Maybe they can’t afford it. We haven’t run their financials yet. Maybe he’s just trying to manipulate me to get a lower price. Regardless, I don’t want to spend more time than necessary with a reluctant buyer who may or may not be qualified to buy.”

You say: “I can appreciate that you want the best price available and I respect that. By the same token, I hope you can appreciate that this isn’t just the best price I can offer you … it’s the absolute lowest, take-it-or-leave-it price I can offer you.”

Buyer thinks: “Maybe I’ll press his hot button if I say that, while I can afford it, I’m going to walk away if he won’t come down on the price.”

Buyer says: “If you won’t offer me a better deal, I’m leaving.”

You think: “Go ahead. At least I know where you stand and can move on to the next buyer.”

You say: “The reality is, Mr. Buyer, that this home will sell … and it will sell at this price, under these terms and conditions. So, what you need to decide is if you will be the one to buy it. Unfortunately, it seems that we’re in a Catch-22 situation. We can’t move forward under the terms you are seeking because they don’t reflect the true value of this home/homesite, and you don’t want to buy it at the price set forth by the builder.”

You pause for a moment, then continue: “Look, I’m a realist and I do want you to be comfortable with your new home purchase. In fact, I pride myself on not submitting the paperwork on a new home until the buyer is more excited about it than I am. Obviously, you aren’t. So, the bottom line is that, if you’re looking for discounts and concessions instead of a quality lifestyle and stable home values, then this community isn’t right for you.”

By using a take away close and telling the buyer that this home isn’t for them, you will create a situation where they rethink their negotiation and begin to look at all the reasons why they are negotiating so hard on that particular home, in that particular community.  Getting to the bottom of your buyer’s self-talk is what it is all about.

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