New Home Sales Training: Self-talk Scenario #12

Self-talk scenarios do not just apply to negotiation and pricing, they also apply to referrals. You should always be listening to what your buyers are saying and envisioning how to turn those positive words into referrals.

Buyer says: “We are so happy to have bought a house in this community. We love it here. And the school system is fantastic.”

Buyer thinks: “I’m glad we made the choice to move here … really!”

You think: “Love hearing that! Now’s the time to ask for referrals.”

You say: “You don’t know how good that makes me feel! One reason I chose this profession was to help people find the homes of their dreams. I was wondering, now that you’ve found yours, are there some friends of yours or family members who might also be looking to buy a new home?”

By listening to buyers give you positive feedback you are able to take that feedback and convert it into more buyers.

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