In pursuit of extra-ordinary

“Extraordinary” is the result of coupling two words: “extra” and “ordinary”. Ordinary is average, but when you elevate it with the prefix “extra”, you experience something far beyond average.

A “C” grade is an average one. A student can get by with C’s. He can graduate, earn a degree, and go on to a career. But those marks indicate an ordinary person who doesn’t push to excel.

Ordinary people are satisfied with the status quo. Extraordinary people are driven to achieve greater results.

Ordinary people see what exists. Extraordinary people have the vision to see what is possible.

Ordinary people are predictable. Extraordinary people will surprise you.

Ordinary sales associates will close deals and live up to expectations. Extraordinary sales associates exceed them.


As a new home sales manager, you might be expecting extraordinary results from ordinary sales associates. You might be recruiting people to fill the roles without clearly understanding what extraordinary results mean to your business. If you don’t make the necessary effort to find and attract extraordinary sales talent—but invest in people who are merely gaining experience for their next job—then you deserve what you get.

It takes vision to look beyond the ordinary, to envision new ideas that will broaden your business. You also need to see your flaws, and not as weaknesses but opportunities to become better.

It takes time to build your team and your company, populating it with extraordinary people and nurturing them with opportunity. Ongoing sales training, attractive incentives, and ongoing acknowledgement will help you retain your most valuable assets!

And it takes guts to take risks. You will not always win, and you embrace that reality. In fact, competition makes your victories that much sweeter.

But look at the reward. Your effort in sculpting the company to “extra-ordinary” will deliver grade “A” success. Keep your eye on that goal.

Myers Barnes is America’s favorite new home sales trainer, author, speaker and consultant.  For more information, please visit

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