Get off your big, fat laurels

Myers Barnes new home sales big fat laurelsWe’re reaching the end of the second year of unsurpassed demand for new construction homes. There are all sorts of predictions about when this tidal wave of eager buyers will recede. All we know for sure is it WILL slow down. As a new home sales professional, you shouldn’t allow yourself to just sit back and enjoy riding the tide. Get off your big, fat laurels and prepare for the next shift.

Training opportunity #1: Keeping up

The unexpected surge of buyers is keeping plenty of new home sales professionals busy…really busy! You’ve got anxious customers you desperately want to buy, but might be struggling with your limited new homes inventory. You have buyers whose homes are under construction and wanting to know why there are delays. These aren’t the usual problems a salesperson encounters. 

Training solution: Invest some sales training time in managing expectations and improving your communication. Learn how to prioritize and plan your tasks. Understand what your customer needs to know, when you need to share, and how to properly follow-up. These sales skills will not only help you through this crunch time but serve you well in any market.

Training opportunity #2: Building referrals

Improving the way you manage your customers in this challenging time should lead you to this opportunity. Are you actively seeking referrals for future sales? Now is the time to cultivate prospective buyers who are not quite ready. Get them on the path to purchase and be their guide. What are you doing to work your buyer network and gain those leads?

Training solution: Explore effective ways to maximize your referral potential. The best way to do it is to simply ask your happy homeowner if they know of someone who might be considering a move in the future. If you offer referral incentives, be sure to share that. Discuss referral building with your team leader or sales coach so you have a solid bank of leads ahead of you.

Training opportunity #3: Managing objections 

With so many anxious customers ready to offer above asking price to get a new home, you might be getting a little rusty with managing objections. Don’t get complacent. This vibrant new home sales situation is temporary. You’ll need to stay sharp on your negotiation tactics when the market gets back to a less frenzied pace and you need to manage objections.

Training solution: Role-play with a team member or coach. Practice being the buyer and the sales agent, using a variety of objections, like “I’m not ready”, “The price seems high”, and “The other builder offers more”, along with some of the other obstacles you’ve had to overcome before this pandemic-induced homebuying frenzy.

Training opportunity #4: Differential demonstration

You might have been able to skip the step of presenting a new home to a buyer—at least with the effort of influencing someone who isn’t already convinced they want to buy. Differential demonstration is a purposeful process that guides a buyer through the home in a way that most effectively communicates its value. Use this proven approach or brush up on it so you can be prepared to maximize its usefulness in the new home sales process.

Training solution: Get a refresher course in Differential Demonstration. I’m happy to work with you on that!

While you’re taking a good look at your current situation, check yourself on these 13 essential sales skills.

When you’re ready to get off those big, fat laurels and prepare yourself for the shift in the market, reach out to me and let’s work on it together!


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