How to show the model home the right way

Myers Barnes new home sales differential demonstrationWhen you invite someone to your home, do you welcome them in through your garage? Of course not. Then why would you do that with a prospective homebuyer? Are you sure you show the model home the right way?

Your model home might have the garage converted to a sales center. That doesn’t mean you should take your homebuyer through the space known as the “mudroom” or “family entry”. That’s not the first impression you want to make.

I’ve been talking recently about differential demonstration, a strategic approach to show a model home to a buyer. This carefully orchestrated presentation should be integrated into the sales process. If you don’t create a strong impression with the model home tour, you’ll never get to the point where you can flex your negotiation skills.

With differential demonstration, you guide your buyer through a carefully planned route, using an equally carefully planned narrative. Every action and every comment has been prepared in advance. In fact, you’re so well prepared that your presentation comes across as casual, effortless, and, best of all, unrehearsed.

So, how DO you start to show a model home the right way?

After you’ve taken the time to go through the discovery process and learn about your prospective buyer’s needs, wishes, and motivation, invite them to the presentation. And always start with their names. You’d be surprised at how many home sales professionals overlook this important detail.

“Chris and Lee, the area where we are now standing is normally the garage. Those windows and that door would be where your garage doors would be.”

Point to the passage door from the garage into the home.

“That door is where you and your family would enter the home from the garage. But let’s start with a proper entrance.”

Then, take them back out through the garage door and down the driveway. Guide your visitors to the sidewalk so you can give them the grand view of the entire facade, taking in the yard and landscape. 

“I know you saw the exterior when you first arrived, but I want to give you a guided tour of this important feature to make sure you can experience all the details that make it unique.”

Never underestimate the importance of preparation

I’ve worked with many new home sales professionals and teams. The superstars are the ones who approach their work as a craft and career, not a job. Selling is a combination of art and science. Both of these sides require preparation. 

Differential demonstration makes a difference. It shows that you rely on strategy, not chance. That you have invested in sales training that makes you a more effective, successful professional.

I’m currently updating my workbook on the subject, Differential Demonstration: How to Effectively Show a House”. Contact me to reserve your copy and get in-depth knowledge into a critical process for new home sales.

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