New Home Sales Training: Looking Good

Flash back to Carly Simon and her song, “You’re So Vain.” Now admit it: Didn’t you think this part was about you? A little dose of self-esteem is good. So, here are a few vain, all-about-you practices to initiate that won’t alienate others:

Care for yourself.

Save for your retirement.

Work at being healthy.

Exercise regularly.

Eat with the following thought: Food is only fuel.

Drive a clean car. It makes you feel better

Avoid heavy perfume and cologne. Others may be allergic.

Wear quality clothes.

Think energetically.

Take vitamins.

Keep your shoes polished. It reflects favorably on you.

Is this vanity or self-esteem? You figure it out. I think salespeople who stand erect, look sharp, and smile don’t look vain they look like they value themselves.

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