Deals, Discounts and Incentives – Part 3

We’ve only scratched the surface of Deals, Discounts and Incentives. You already know that it’s a closing tool, not your opening statement. The cardinal sin is giving them the incentive prior to them selecting a unique, one of a kind home to fit their needs.

Here’s what happens when you don’t have a planned dialogue, you don’t have a planned reaction, or you just don’t know what to say. Here’s the incentive inadequacy. You must be able to stand up to that awkward question, “Hey what kinds of deals, discounts, and incentives is the builder offering?”

You can’t give a good deal on a new home if the buyer doesn’t have a basis of value for the item. I could offer you a great deal, $75,000 off that home over there, but if it’s not the home you want, then there is no value in the discount. That’s why the buyer has to pick something out before you give the incentive. Remember hold the incentives back, they are a closing tool. You can’t give someone a deal on something if they haven’t already determined the value.

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