New Home Sales Training: Self-talk Scenario #8

Often the negotiation begins on the phone before the potential buyer even walks through the door. Your goal is to motivate the phone prospect to move along to the next stage of the process, which is the site visit, without giving in to the incentive and pricing conversation.

Buyer says on telephone: “Hello. We’ve just started looking at new homes and are wondering how much your homes are and what incentives you’re offering to buyers.”

Buyer thinks: “I’m not driving all over town to look at model homes. I’ll check out the web sites, call for information and then pick the ones I want to go see.”

You think: “I can assume he’s checked out my web site along with other ones and is now calling everybody to get more information. Then he’ll decide which communities to see. I need to get on the short list and secure an appointment.”

You say: “Thank you for calling. I am so excited about our homes and I know you will be, too, when you actually see them! You’ve probably checked our web site and seen the pictures of our community and homes, but to really appreciate how great they are, you need to stop by for a short visit. When you do, you’ll find that our homes have lots of curb appeal, a generous homesite size, a wonderful location, nearby conveniences and a ton of community amenities.

These homes were designed and built by an award-winning builder with a reputation for quality construction. There’s much more I can tell you, but it would take too long on the phone. The reality is that a home is the single largest investment you will ever make and it’s impossible to make such a significant decision without actually seeing the community, all the amenities, and actual floor plans and model homes. Let’s take this conversation to the next step and set some time aside for me to show you around. What day of the week is best for you to come in?”

No value can be built before a prospect can appreciate what it is they are looking at in conjunction with what they are looking for.

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