There’s Always A Reason To Celebrate. Are You Taking The Time?



If you’re like me, you’ve missed a load of opportunities to throw a good party. Celebrations shouldn’t be limited to birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and occasions like those. We need to step up and recognize life’s achievements and rewards.

We need to celebrate. And party.

I should have thrown a party when my best buddy of a son was born. I would have themed that celebration “The greatest gift from God”. I would have shared my blessing and my thankfulness with everyone and anyone who wanted to come to my Baby Joy Party. I would have opened up my giddiness and wonderment that I was gifted with such a perfect child. I still celebrate my son, who is grown and married, and forever my best friend.

The day after I met Lorena, I should have thrown an “I Met My Partner” party. I knew she was perfect for me, but I mostly kept it to myself. My wife is still the most amazing woman I have ever known, the one who doesn’t just tolerate my “uniqueness” but seems to actually enjoy my quirks. Lorena is my steady heartbeat, and the reason my heart skips a beat every time I return home from a trip and see her smiling face.

Making the last car payment or mortgage payment is a reason to celebrate. A “One Less Big Debt” party is a great way to remind yourself and others that there’s an end to indebtedness, that you should reward yourself for making a promise and keeping it.

Being cancer-free for seven years was a milestone worth celebrating. How did I miss that one? I think, like many survivors, you hold your breath a little, exhaling with each month and each year that the doctor tells you that your body is winning the fight. In the midst of my battle with cancer, I couldn’t see seven months in the future, let alone seven years. Yes, I should have thrown that party, for sure.

When I found my Lord and Savior, I celebrated, but in a peaceful way. Why didn’t I share the joy with family and friends? Why didn’t I see that this new relationship deserved more than the internal joy and comfort it gave me?

Not long ago, I sponsored one of the most joyous celebrations of my life. My soon-to-be daughter-in-law put together a rehearsal dinner party at the wedding venue in Mexico. It was most certainly the most festive celebration of the love between two people and the connection with their families that I have ever attended. My son is now experiencing the kind of love I always wished for him, the wholehearted, forever love I have with my wife, Lorena.

I sit here and wonder at all the blessings I’ve had in my life. I’ve loudly celebrated many of them. I overlooked the significance of others. I’ve learned that celebrations aren’t marked by the calendar, but the moments in your life. Take note of them. Party it up to remind yourself that joy comes in many ways. What I choose to celebrate is up to me. I might throw a big bash, or maybe just Myers Barnes, party of one.


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