Let go: The lesson of the monkey’s fist

Myers Barnes new home sales monkey fistHunters in Africa and Asia learned that the best way to catch a monkey is by playing to its inability to let go of what it wants. The lesson of the monkey’s fist is “let go” before you’re trapped. Have you become caught up by what you’re holding onto?

To trap a monkey, the tribesmen or hunters would place a piece of food in a jar or hollowed-out coconut. The opening was large enough for the monkey to reach in with an unclenched hand. However, once the primate closed its paw around the treat, the fist was too large to pull out of the container. Insistent on gripping its catch, the monkey would try every which way to get free with its food still clutched in its paw. Meanwhile, those lying in wait would swoop in and grab the unsuspecting simian.

To be clear, the trap wouldn’t work if the monkey would simply let go. Its fate lies in the choice to hold onto something so alluring that it clouds the senses. Much like Adam and Eve succumbed to the forbidden fruit and paid the price, temptation can be disastrous.

What are you clinging to in your life? Is it a relationship that is holding you back? Is it a habit or belief that is, in reality, a crutch that prevents you from growing and thriving? Are you so focused on getting the sale that you fail to “get” the buyer? Have you forgotten to explore their needs and wants?

Architect I.M. Pei said, “Success is a collection of problems solved.” 

Success also requires letting go of options that don’t deliver a solution. They can instead present detours and delays.

When you keep a tight grasp on people, things, and beliefs that don’t support a healthy, positive mindset, you’re falling prey to the monkey’s fist trap. In the business of new home sales, as in life, you need to pursue what you want with clarity about its value

Take a step back and look at your life. What or whom do you need to let go of? And what would you gain by letting go? It might be more time, more energy, and more success. At the very least, you will have more control of your own life.

Stop monkeying around. Open up that iron grip on anything holding you back. Then, with your open hands, grasp opportunities. 


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