How to motivate today’s new home sales professionals

Myers Barnes new home sales trainingWe’re in the second year of a homebuying frenzy that we’ve never experienced in our lifetime. Builders can’t keep up with the demand. As a sales leader, this can be a tough situation if team members are resting on their laurels. They know sales are coming at a steady pace, so you need to be aware of how to motivate today’s new home sales professionals when they’re getting comfortable with the status quo.

“Stay hungry!”

When someone has a full plate, it’s hard to whet their appetite for more. Your new home sales professionals are spending their time managing eager buyers, not convincing them to buy. They don’t need leads right now. They’re having a tough time keeping buyers engaged when there isn’t inventory to sell them.

At some point in the future, this lush selling landscape is going to shift. Remind your team that they can’t become complacent. When that happens, they’ll be rusty when the economy and housing market turns, and buyers aren’t so motivated. 

Provide ongoing training on selling skills and the selling process to keep them sharp. Practice the sales process and refresh negotiation skills that aren’t getting a workout right now. 

Reward initiative.

Instead of focusing on the numbers as you would do in a “normal” housing market, look at activities. Offer rewards for new home sales professionals who are using their time wisely. Maybe they’ve found a creative way to get referrals or gain more followers on their social media. Encourage this initiative by rewarding it with non-monetary incentives that “speak” to them: dinner at a special restaurant, home exercise equipment or a fitness membership, staycation idea, or a bucket list experience.

Reset goals.

You can’t keep upping sales goals when your team is limited on what they can sell. Keep them motivated by changing the goals. Encourage them to pursue professional growth and incorporate those milestones into goals that you set together. For example, they can complete an online class or training and then present their knowledge to the team. Suggest they develop and share a plan for keeping buyers engaged during delays. Their goals are always future-focused so remind them that the future might not look like today. Shift their goals accordingly.

Selling homes in this current housing market is not as difficult as it was when people weren’t so passionate about buying. It’s not easy, but presents a different type of challenge, including presenting the right motivation. If you need help, let’s talk!


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