The right questions when showing a model home

Myers Barnes new home sales questionsA successful model home demonstration is a chain of subtleties. From the path you follow to the features you point out to the questions you ask, it all contributes to the outcome. Be sure you ask the right questions when showing a model home to a prospective buyer.

Your new home sales presentation is a combination of “show”, “ask”, and “tell”. Together, these aspects create an impression on your buyer. It’s up to you whether that’s a positive or negative one. With  differential demonstration—a strategic approach to effectively showing a model home—you incorporate a set of intentional questions. 

The goal of these differential demonstration questions is not to simply gather information but to guide the buyer to see themselves living in the home. 

Here are some key questions you should be asking your prospective buyer as you proceed with your carefully orchestrated differential demonstration:

Put some sizzle in the kitchen

  • Who usually does the cooking? Can you picture yourself enjoying the experience in this kitchen?
  • What features matter most to you here?
  • What is your biggest frustration in your current kitchen? Can you see how this particular design would relieve that issue for you?

Live in the living area

  • Tell me about your furniture. How would you set it up here?
  • Do you need a space for kids to do their homework? Where would be the right place for that, probably where you can keep an eye on things, right?
  • How would you decorate here for the holidays?

Your suite retreat

    • How does this suite compare to the one you currently have?
  • Where would you set up your bed?
    • What do you think about the location of the suite? Do you like being close to the kitchen so you can grab that first cup of coffee in the morning? OR Isn’t it nice to have some space between your bedroom and the others? OR Do you prefer to have your bedroom close to the kids’ rooms like this, for peace of mind?
  • So, who is getting what space in this walk-in closet?
  • This bathroom is obviously designed for the right balance between sharing and privacy. Who gets which sink?

Focus on flexibility

  • Isn’t it great to have a flex room to use as you need or want it? How would you use this room?
  • Who would be using it the most?

When the family arrives

  • Some people call this a mudroom, but we think of it as “the family entry”. Do you have a drop zone at home now? How is that working for you?
  • How would you use the space to keep the clutter out of your house?
  • What things would you want to store here?

Playing with the children’s rooms

  • Which room would your children want for their own?
  • How would you set up each bedroom for them?
  • What colors do you think they’d like for the walls?

Making the most of multigenerational living

  • How would this extra suite help you? Is there someone in your family who could use a complete living space like this, either now or in the future?
  • If you don’t need a suite for a bedroom, how would it work as a home office or studio of some kind? Maybe a workout room where you have a full bathroom right here?

Showing a model home the right way is a presentation. And when you’re getting ready for a presentation, you prepare. Don’t rely on memory or ad libbing. Your success in new home sales is too important to leave it to chance. And asking the right questions is essential.

You should be ready with questions like these for every room and space that you demonstrate when showing a model home—including the home’s exterior, garage, outdoor living space, yard, loft, and bathrooms. Even the closets! With every question you ask, your buyer is seeing themselves living in this home. 

Remember, frame your questions to be open-ended, not the yes-or-no variety. These questions encourage the buyer to share more thoughts and bring themselves into the picture of coming home here.

Do you want to learn more about the new home sales process of differential demonstration? The new edition of Differential Demonstration: How to Effectively Show a House will be available soon. Contact me to reserve your copy of this workbook to become a pro in this critical process for new home sales.

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