New Home Sales Training: People Buy From People They Trust

I’ve been teaching for years that much has changed in the sales environment. And that is true. However, one thing does remain constant: People buy from people they trust.

Your neighborhood is an extension of you. If your customers can first trust you, then and only then can they trust enough to trade their money for one of your homes.

What else has changed in the sales profession in the past 30 years or so? Consider these observations:

People want you to help them make an informed decision.

Technology is changing the way the buyer shops.

Prospects have easier access to information about your homes and may even be more informed than you.

There are three major demographics of prospects:

Millions of baby-boomers, millions of retired folks and millions of people under the age of thirty-five.

Women are in the position of influence in most real estate purchases.

There are increased opportunities to sell to the “new” multicultural buyer.

People will not tolerate poor quality or service. The simply will do business with your competitor.

Your prospects have an increasing number of builders and neighborhoods where they can buy their new homes.

Our profession — as well as the entire world — is changing. And you must stay current with those changes to remain ahead of your competition. But do keep one thing constant throughout your career: a high level of trust.

Thank you,
Myers Barnes
Myers Barnes Associates, Inc.

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