How To Retain Your New Home Sales Team

In an interview recently, I was asked, “How can I retain the sales talent I’m recruiting?”

This is a great question. When you are recruiting members for your new home sales team, you should be looking for a learning animal. You’re preparing to invest a great deal in this individual. What are you willing to offer—beyond income and basic benefits—to cultivate the right person in this valuable role?

First and foremost, employees will always perform at their best when they work in an environment that promotes growth. A successful sales professional is, by nature, competitive. They thrive on opportunity to sell more and to be rewarded for exemplary performance.

New Home Sales Team

How can you provide the right motivation? The most obvious answer is in financial growth. Jigger a salesperson’s commission for exceeding the sales goal. If the target is three new home sales per month, yet your sales pro has the propensity to make four or more, then offer an additional percentage to the commission for anything above the goal—perhaps start with a proactive reward for past performance.

Another tool to retain your new home sales team is far too often overlooked and under-valued. I’ve told you that these people are competitive, so they’re always seeking an advantage. You can deliver a big one by offering them additional training. Give them the reward of knowledge and skill. Researchers for the Harvard Business Review identified the motivational power that progress provides to an individual. “Progress” can be described as achieving greater results on a personal and/or professional level, on a day-to-day basis. It’s not a one-off event, but sustained achievements over a period of time.

A sales professional will thrive in the right environment and for the right company. They won’t leave a position that fulfills their needs. Many of the rewards you can offer will cost you nothing—recognition, appreciation, and opportunity. Provide enticing incentives and effective sales leadership and you won’t need to go looking for new sales talent, except to augment your already successful selling team.

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