Don’t sweat it…Celebrate the small stuff.

Myers Barnes new home sales sweat the small stuffSome people will tell you, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Others might say, “The devil is in the details”. It doesn’t matter which side you lean toward—and I’m not telling you where my inclinations go. I will say that “the small stuff” shouldn’t keep you up at night overthinking them. Don’t sweat it. Instead, celebrate the small stuff in your life.

We’re in a pandemic and it’s hard to see an end in sight. Life as we knew it is not what we’re going to have again. So, what’s to celebrate?

Let’s assume you have a positive mindset. And if you don’t…get one!

Celebrate this housing market. As a new home sales professional, you should celebrate one very positive outcome: people have realized the importance of having the right home. They’re also embracing the value of buying a new construction home like never before. And they’re highly motivated by the lowest mortgage rate we’ve seen in recordable history! Go back 60 years to when the rates began to be tracked and you will not find anything lower than the 3% that’s readily available right now.

Revel in your resilience. There are many businesses that have taken a hit in this situation and economy. Homebuilding isn’t one of them.Be thankful that you work in an industry that has been able to adapt to online selling and social distancing. And while you’re rejoining, look for more ways to keep your customers—past, present, and future—engaged online with you and your homes. Step up your social media by looking at your metrics to see what’s gaining traction, and then do more of that. Refresh your site’s content with new images and blogs.

Applaud a problem solved. It’s always uplifting to cross one problem off your list. Stop and think about the challenge you faced and how you dealt with it. By celebrating this effort, you remind yourself of the value of certain skills and tactics. It could have been as simple as picking up the phone rather than texting or holding yourself accountable for an action. Be mindful of your actions and abilities so that you continue to learn and grow from them.

Pat yourself on the back for reaching a goal. You should be setting weekly and monthly goals. Maybe you even have daily goals, like reaching out to a certain number of leads. Make a list of those goals and post them where they will be prominent reminders. When you achieve one, celebrate your success. This private accolade will give you a boost to keep working on meeting or exceeding your other goals.

Share kudos with a co-worker. Every success is the result of a team effort, whether that’s a partnership of two or a collaboration of many. 

  • Congratulate your marketing people who drive leads your way and get those virtual tours on your website that excite buyers. 
  • Appreciate the closing coordinator who stealthily keeps those closings moving forward. 
  • Thank the construction team for staying on schedule.

Celebrate the good things that are happening around you, even if you weren’t personally involved. In fact, make that a habit. Keep the gratitude flowing!

There’s a lot of activity happening everyday. Find the right balance between sweating the small stuff and celebrating the small wins.


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