See how full your glass really is.

Myers Barnes new home sales glass half fullYour view of the world is completely up to you. You control your perspective—positive or negative. If you’re always seeing the world in a gloomy light, change your mindset. Is your glass half full or half empty? If you allow yourself to see how full your glass really is.

I’ve endured my share of life challenges. Some could have completely emptied my glass. But I wouldn’t let that happen.

I never stopped believing that so much more lay ahead of me. I simply had to reach farther, to stretch beyond limits.

Belief brings hope. Hope drives people to take risks, to rise up when the odds are against them, and to overcome. Hope creates resilience. 

Experience the power of believing

Believe you can achieve success, and you’ve overcome a major hurdle. However, when you believe success is too far beyond your reach, you create those obstacles. I’d rather invest my time in seeing beyond the hurdles, believing that I can soar over them. When I can’t, I accept it’s only a momentary delay—a challenge to become more agile or stronger, or to learn some other valuable lesson.

Why wouldn’t you want to gain hope that hopeless situations will turn around? When outside forces challenge your strength, be stronger. Be positive.

Positive thought breeds positive outcomes, and the reverse is true. Which would you rather cultivate? 

Henry Ford said, “If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.”

I urge you to believe you can.

Belief is a power tool that cuts through uncertainty. 

Those of you in new home sales have felt the glass draining for more than a year. Rising interest rates turned off the flow of eager homebuyers that surged during the pandemic. 

You can take the pessimist’s view that it’s just a tough market and you’re not going to sell a lot of homes. 

Or you can see your glass half full and realize that there are buyers out there ready to buy a new home from you. Those prospects recognize the importance of buying now, because home prices will continue to rise. You know that rates change, and refinancing is always an option.

And more than anything, you believe in the homes you’re selling. You value the quality and respect the builder. You bring that belief in full view of your prospective homebuyers. 

Use this strong belief like a power tool to cut through buyer uncertainty.

How to refill your glass.

Maybe you’re mired in a pessimistic mindset right now. This is the perfect time for new home sales professionals to learn optimism.

Here are some tips for see your glass half full…or more:

For every obstacle, find a positive lesson. Thomas Edison needed 10,000 tries to invent the light bulb. He considered each one, not as a failure, but as a lesson in what didn’t work. When you find yourself in a difficult, frustrating, or potentially back-pedaling situation, find a positive message. What did you learn to do differently, to do better? No matter how hard it is, the lesson is there if you choose to look for it.

When you don’t close a new home sale, ask yourself, “What did I gain from this experience?” Write it down. It’s your optimism reminder.

Be grateful. Don’t focus on what you’re lacking in your life. That’s a complete waste of your time and this mindset will empty your glass.

Be thankful for the rewards. It could be family, health, friendships, or having a secure job or even a roof over your head. There are millions of people in the world who have it tougher than you. Acknowledge your personal “wealth”.

Don’t compete. Your happiness or sadness should not be dictated by the actions or possessions of others. Don’t measure yourself by other people’s successes. That’s THEIR story, not yours. Envy and resentment are toxic emotions. Be happy for their achievements, but stay tuned into your own objectives. Channel your energy into strengthening your self-esteem and self-worth.

Applaud small successes. The big win in new home sales happens once in a while. Don’t wait to celebrate only major achievements. Think about what you did today that was positive. Maybe you had a conversation with the cashier at your grocery store and made that person smile. Perhaps you completed something on your “To Do” list that has been nagging you for a long time. Whatever it is, find something every day to feel good about.

Do the same for the people around you. Congratulate others who are making small gains. Then you can refill two glasses at once!

Smile. I had a friend who worked in radio and she told me that the trick to pumping energy into her voice was to smile when she spoke. A smile is a powerful thing. Smile at a stranger—even if they don’t smile back, you’ll feel good.

Believe in the power of optimism.

Fill an actual glass halfway. Put it on a table and look at it. Remember, you can only see the liquid, but air fills the rest of the glass. The things you can’t see will often be the fillers in your life. Look for them. And raise your glass to the possibility of positivity.

Contact me if you want to work on changing your view.

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